Red White and Blue Margaritas for the 4th of July Party

Got 3 blenders? Well you know the blenderking kitchen sure does and for 4th of July, we like to make a 3 layer margarita for our 4th of July parties!. Even if you don’t have 3 blenders, it’s still easy, just have some additional pitchers available (chilled preferably). Ready? Let’s go:

Start with the blue layer down on the bottom: Make a batch of our deep blue margaritas:
Spike’s Blue Margaritas

Now for the white layer. Tropical Coconut!
Spike’s Tropical Coconut Margaritas

For the red layer on top, you have a choice, either our low budget raspberry marg’s or our tasty strawberry recipe. We tend to favor raspberry with the middle coconut layer ourselves!
Spike’s low budget (but still very tasty) raspberry margaritas
Spike’s strawberry margaritas

To hold the layers better, use a little more ice than usual so you’ve got a thicker margarita – thick enough so you need a spoon to assist you in getting the tasty elixir out of your blender.

Enjoy and have a happy 4th of July!