Luscious LIcks Margaritas

You should know: Ever heard of “43?” It’s a vanilla based liquor that’s quite tasty! What’s it doing in a margarita? Isn’t that illegal, you ask?

Ok, perhaps it’s a bit unorthodox, but you have to try this one out. I suggest making this in a cocktail shaker, but a blender works too. If you can’t find “43″ then ask your friendly liquor store to order it for you. It’s worth it.
You’re going to experience a spectacular flavor explosion….and you’ll understand why the name “Luscious Licks” Margarita is so well deserved!

Here’s what you need to make it (per blenderful): (Per serving) 1 1/2 oz. “43″, 3/4 oz. Triple Sec, 1 oz. Sour Mix, 1/3 oz. Lime Juice, 3/4 oz. creme, Graham Crackers

And how to do it: Combine the ingredients listed above (make sure to add creme or half and’s a requirement) and pour into a margarita glass that’s lined with graham crackers, not salt. (I’m not making this up….Trust me!)