Cinnamon and Orange Margaritas

You should know: Cinnamon/Orange may not seem traditional for a margarita, but have you tried this recipe? You need to! Of course, if you budget allows, you may certainly use Goldschlager!

Here’s what you need to make it (per blenderful): 6 ounces Tequila; 3 ounces cinnamon schnapps; 3 ounces orange juice; 5 ounces sour mix; ice; dashes of cinnamon; orange for garnish

And how to do it: Pour the liquids into your blender and mix for about 10 or so seconds. Add a good dash of cinnamon for each serving. Then add two handfuls of ice for each serving you’re mixing. Blend for at least another 30 seconds…or up to a minute depending on your blender’s power! Garnish with a foo-foo orange slice if you need to!